Teagan finally gets cannabis treatment

An eight-year-old Kent girl in intensive care has finally received cannabis treatment. Teagan Appleby, from Aylesham, has one of the worst cases of child epilepsy in the UK.

Gangs exploiting 150 children in Dover

Drug gangs from London and Liverpool are exploiting up to 150 children in Dover, according to caseworkers in the town. The gangs prey on schoolchildren, pressuring them to sell Class A drugs such as heroin and cocaine and threatening them if they try to leave, says the St Giles Trust.

Why Dover will continue to be a success

The Port of Dover is a huge success story. More than £120 billion of trade moves through our docks every year. When you add in Eurotunnel, the Channel Ports account for about a third of the UK's trade in goods.

Dover's new marina to open in early 2019

Dovorians will be able to walk along the new pier within the first few months of 2019. The 550-metre structure will be the first part of the project open to the public since the start of the Dover Western Docks Revival in 2015.

Putting mental health first

Nothing is more important than knowing you and your loved ones will receive the best possible care. That is why delivering a fairer share of healthcare in Dover and Deal is right at the top of my agenda.

Cars race through village at 80mph - we need speed cameras

Residents fed up with cars speeding through their village at up to 80mph turned out in force to raise their concerns with me. People in Nonington want average speed check cameras set up after five deaths along an eight mile stretch of road in just 20 months.

Kent to receive social care winter funding boost

Kent will receive more than £6 million in social care funding this winter – a bigger boost than any other local authority in the UK.

The cash will pay for the equipment and treatment needed to help patients recover fully at home, and avoid unnecessary stays at hospitals.