Brexit Britain must work for Dover & Deal

After we leave the EU, we must ensure that a renaissance of the regions – including coastal areas like ours – is at the very heart of building Brexit Britain.

Supporting our Armed Forces

We are only able to enjoy our way of life because our armed forces put their lives on the line to protect it. That’s why I was incredibly proud so many turned out for Armed Forces Day over the weekend.

Time to end the migrant crisis

Last weekend, a record number of illegals entrants arrived in a single day. In the end there were eight boats with a total of 74 illegal entrants. This comes on top of a record number of illegal entrants arriving in the past month.

Talks with the Brexit Secretary

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay visited the Port of Dover this week – and revealed the Government is looking to "enhance plans" at the border.

Caring for the environment

Protecting the environment matters to us all. Whether it's looking after our countryside or tackling climate change for the next generation, these are hugely important issues.

The system should support parents - not get in their way

Teagan Appleby, nine-years-old and from Aylesham, is wheelchair-bound and can suffer up to 300 seizures a day. Little Teagan was born with the rare condition Isodicentric 15, a severe form of epilepsy. Last year she required life-saving treatment five times in just eight days.