A fairer share of healthcare

No-one knows when they or a loved one will need our National Health Service. We just know we will do at some point – and that it will deeply affect everyone involved. That’s why first-class healthcare is a top priority for me.

The woodland being used to tackle unemployment

Woodland near Dover is being used to reduce unemployment by delivering education and training to young people. Woodpecker Court, near Eythorne, comprises a therapy hut, two classrooms, two outdoor cooking sites, three workshops, a rifle range, a craft shed and several other “team-building areas”.

Ramping up preparations for Brexit

The referendum to leave the EU look place more than three years ago. We must now get on with it, deal or no deal.

Yet preparation is vital if we are to make the most of Brexit’s many opportunities. That’s why I am hugely encouraged by Boris' premiership so far.

Residents turn overgrown Henry VIII castle into vibrant community garden

Residents have turned a historic but overgrown section of Deal’s seafront into a vibrant community garden. The remnants of Sandown Castle, built more than 450 years ago by Henry VIII, were a “terrible mess” five years ago according to nearby residents John and Linda Ford.

Stopping lorries jumping the queue and clogging local roads

Lorry drivers who clog up roads near the Channel ports face a £300 fine under a new permit scheme proposed by Government.  The Department for Transport (DfT) is consulting on regulations to ensure lorries can’t bypass traffic management queues – and that checks take place away from the border.

Police crackdown on antisocial behaviour

A police crackdown on antisocial behaviour in Dover town centre has seen a total of 17 orders issued so far this year. The figure is up almost a third on 2018, when 26 orders were issued across 12 months.

Fighting for Small Business

As the saying goes, Britain is a nation of shopkeepers. A country where small business is the lifeblood of our nation. The job creators who fuel our economy and who we owe a debt of gratitude.

Ready to leave the EU

In just over 100 days, on October 31st, we are set to leave the EU. Around here the message is clear – we must get on with it, deal or no deal.