Go Whites!

Congratulations to Dover Athletic on becoming Ryman League Division One South champions.

Gordon Brown's 10p tax con

Last week the Government made a "U Turn" on the abolition of the 10p tax band. Except . . . it's all a massive con!

Meeting the A258 Action Group

The A258 road from Dover to Deal is a disgrace. For years it has been a serious danger and nothing has been done about it. Lots of warm words, no action. So I arranged for the families who have lost loved ones on this dangerous road to meet Theresa Villiers MP, Shadow Transport Secretary.

Elvington surgery

Residents of Elvington and Eythorne have been concerned about their GP services for some time. Today the primary care trust held a public meeting to discuss what should be done.

Dover newsletter Spring 2008

Charlie Elphicke discusses the A258 deathtrap road and Cllr Nigel Collor explains why Dover needs a proper hospital in Dover newsletter Spring 2008, available here.

Carnival Selection Day

Today I attended the carnival selection. This is, clearly, a risky thing for anyone, anywhere near politics to go!! However, it was great fun and I had the wonderful Mandie Sehmbi to look after me, as you can see.

Deal newsletter Spring 2008

Charlie Elphicke discusses the A258 deathtrap road and Cllr Julie Rook sets out the exciting regeneration plans for Deal. Read more here.

Labour increases taxes on the poorest

Figures show that millions of the UK's poorest people will pay more in tax as a result of the scrapping of the 10p rate band. The Government has confirmed that 5.3 million will lose out under the changes - over 5,000 of whom live in Dover & Deal.

Housing in Whitfield

Meeting with the Whitfield Action Group impressed on me how concerned people in Whitfield are about the proposals to build thousands of houses locally. And rightly so. The Whitfield we know and love could be ruined. Sunk into a characterless New Town.