Talks with the Brexit Secretary

Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay visited the Port of Dover this week – and revealed the Government is looking to "enhance plans" at the border.

Mr Barclay met with me as well as officials from Border Force and the Port of Dover during his visit. He said he wants to use the extra time we've got to ensure, whether it's a deal or no deal, we're well prepared to leave.

During the talks, I re-iterated how the Common Transit Convention should be used to ensure smooth trade through the port. The EU confirmed in December that UK Membership of the Convention will continue after Brexit. Already used by non-EU countries like Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein and Switzerland, Turkey, Macedonia and Serbia, it allows traders to make customs declarations and pay import duties when they arrive at their final destination.

I again underlined how we must be ready on day one to leave the EU deal or no deal. The Transit Convention means we won't need any hold-ups at the port. We need to take advantage of that. It's essential we step up no deal preparations – so we are completely ready for anything that happens."