Return of duty-free would be a big boost

The return of duty-free shopping would be a big boost for Dover and Deal. Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid has announced that duty-free shopping will return if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

It means excise duty would no longer be due on alcohol and cigarettes bought when leaving the UK, covering ports, airports and international train stations. And while currently people can bring home unlimited amounts if they have paid duty in Europe, they would be able to do the same even if it was bought duty-free over there. Industry experts expect it would boost visits to Dover and cross-Channel ferry use generally.

I have long campaigned for duty-free to return, and welcome the Treasury’s announcement.  Bringing back duty-free would be a big boost for coastal communities like ours. For too long this country has worked for the big cities and forgotten the towns and villages of our regions. The Brexit vote was about real change in how we do things.

That’s why we must get on with leaving the EU. Then we can focus on all the other hugely important issues, starting with building a Brexit Britain that works for every corner of our land.