Ready to leave the EU

In just over 100 days, on October 31st, we are set to leave the EU. Around here the message is clear – we must get on with it, deal or no deal.
Nowhere are preparations more important than at the Dover frontline. That’s why it was crucial to have Boris Johnson visit last week so he could see for himself the task at hand.
I took Boris on a tour of the port with port officials, before going on to hold a rally at the Cruise Terminal for party members.
It was clear that Boris was greatly impressed by the people running our port. They set out the positive case for how they can and will ensure we are ready on day one. He praised the “can-do spirit” of Dover and Deal – and how it contrasted sharply with the gloom mongers who work so hard to overturn the referendum to make sure we stay in the EU.
It was important for Boris to see that Dover stands ready. And that what we must now focus on is how Britain must stand ready – so that by October, on Halloween, we can finally bring this nightmare to an end.
I have backed Boris because he is the only person who will ensure we swiftly leave the EU and move on. We should have left at the end of March. We did not. As a result, faith in our democracy has been gravely undermined. If we are to restore it, we must deliver what people voted for. With two thirds having voted to leave in our community the mandate is clear.
Yet Brexit will only be a success if it is seen as an opportunity to be grasped, not a problem to be managed. My view is only Boris has the rare ability to galvanise all corners of our nation, to inspire people and to build a Britain that everyone can be part of. Because only by leaving the EU can we focus on all the other incredibly important things – schools, healthcare, law and order, home ownership, the economy.
Boris has pledged to raise the minimum amount spent on every pupil in our schools, addressing historic imbalances where our kids got far less than their London peers. He has pledged to ramp up the rollout of fibre broadband, so our rural communities and businesses will be fully connected with the modern world.
And he told people from Dover and Deal that we should be dualling the A2, regardless of Brexit. He said investment in transport infrastructure allows people on lower incomes to get to work, without making a massive a dent in their wages. As a former Mayor of London, he knows it has made the capital one of the most productive places in the world. That’s why we must level the playing field between the big cities and our towns and regions.
People will know that all these issues are things I have long championed. We must build a Britain that works for every corner of the country.
Yet most of all we must now show political courage. If we do, on November 1st we will be a free nation again, able to move on to the many important issues that face our country. Britain can then roll up its sleeves and start building.