Prime Minister urged to hand Dover and Deal a Brexit boost

The Prime Minister was today urged to hand Dover and Deal a Brexit boost. I called on Theresa May to support coastal town communities who feel like they have been "left behind". Mrs May told me I had made an important point and that she wanted to ensure the Government worked for "coastal towns like Dover and Deal".

My question follows reports that the Government is considering allocating more funds to Leave-voting areas represented by Labour MPs – if they support her Brexit deal.

Speaking in the House of Commons after the Prime Minister had given a statement on Brexit negotiations, I said: "Would the Prime Minister agree that talking about helping 'left behind' areas is not something that should be seen as a tactical matter to get through the Withdrawal Agreement?

"But it should be at the very heart of what this Government is about, promoting a renaissance of the regions as part of building Brexit Britain – and that means every region, including coastal towns like Dover and Deal?"

Mrs May said: "My honourable friend has made an important point.

"When I stood on the steps of Downing Street on the first day I became Prime Minister, I was very clear that I wanted to ensure that we worked for those communities who did feel that they were left behind, who did feel that they hadn't achieved the benefits that they'd seen some other parts of the country have – and that does mean certain parts of the country.

"It also means certain types of town – like coastal towns like Dover and Deal, that my honourable friend represents and champions so well."