PM Boris heaps praise on Dover

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has heaped praise on Dover saying he is “very, very impressed” with “the level of preparation” for Brexit in the area.

He made the remarks amid heated exchanges in the House of Commons last night (September 25) when making his first appearance since the Supreme Court ordered Parliament to be recalled. He told Members to “educate themselves” by visiting Dover – and hailed my leadership on the issue.

I had asked the Prime Minister whether opposition parties had made any representations about holding a General Election. Addressing the chamber, I said: “I voted Remain in the referendum, but my constituency and my country decided otherwise. So I thought it was my duty as a Member of this House to accept those instructions and that mandate and execute it faithfully.  And my constituents say: After three years, this Parliament has achieved nothing. It is a rump Parliament.

“So can I ask the Prime Minister what representations has he had from the minor parties in relation to a confidence vote or an election vote, as well as the Labour Party to bring forward a General Election, so the people can have their say and settle this question for good?”

Mr Johnson replied: “I’m afraid my Honourable Friend is absolutely right. I am yet to hear either from the main opposition or indeed any other opposition party that they are willing to take up our democratic challenge.  But I want to thank him and to congratulate him for what he has done for Dover, where I have been and been very, very impressed with the level of preparation.

“And Honourable Members opposite who are anxious might educate themselves by going to see what has been done, and I congratulate my Honourable Friend for the leadership he has shown.”