Meeting constituents during mass climate rally

I met climate change protesters from Dover and Deal in Parliament during a mass campaign. An estimated 12,000 turned out for The Time is Now protests in London.

A total of 24 people from the Dover and Deal were due to attend. However only two were able to make it into Parliament for the meeting with Charlie in central lobby – due to their coach home being booked at a specific time. Sonja Watsham and Paula Farrell, organisers for East Kent Climate Action, said the Government should go further with its measures to reverse climate change.

It was great to meet Sonja and Paul. They are absolutely right that we need to go so much faster on this.  Yet I’m proud that the UK is leading the way. Emissions are going down more than any other major industrialised country – now to the lowest level since 1888.

Fully clean electricity now gives us over 50% of our total. The UK has bid to host the next round of global climate change negotiations next year.  But we have a long way to go. We need to build a zero-carbon Britain as a beacon for a cleaner planet.

‘The Time is Now’ lobby was organised by The Climate Coalition and Greener UK, two coalitions combining more than 130 organisations and representing over 15 million people. It follows global environmental protests, and the declaration of a climate and environment emergency by the UK parliament.