Let's get Brexit done and move forward

People here in Dover and Deal voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU in the 2016 referendum. Now over three years since the vote, it’s time to get Brexit done and move forward.

We should have left ages ago. At every turn I have voted to leave and make the most of the opportunities that lie ahead for our nation.

So what on earth is going on? We should have voted on Boris Johnson’s deal on Saturday. If it had passed, we would now be well on the way to leaving next week. Yet opposition MPs do not want to leave the EU. They want to cancel Brexit.  That’s why they voted to refuse approval for the Prime Minister’s deal over the weekend.

Everyone knows these wrecking tactics by Remain parties are desperation. They are aimed at forcing an extension followed by a second referendum. They hope the people who voted to leave will then fall into line with the establishment view that we should stay in the EU.

Yet they worry that Leave might win a second time. So they plan to take it off the ballot paper and have remain vs leaving with a deal. They hope this would split the leave vote so that people who want “no deal” will either not vote or vote against, meaning Remain wins.

It’s cynical tactics like this that destroy trust in politics – and why these parties fear an election. Because they know they would lose. Because the British public see perfectly well what they are up to.

I trust the people. I do not think they are so easily fooled. They knew exactly what they were voting for. And Boris’ deal gives us a chance to leave properly – and make the most of the opportunities that lay before us.

Yet people’s annoyance is increasing daily. Rightly so. This week will see whether the opposition parties keep trying to cancel Brexit or whether the growing anger will become too much.

For my part I believe people are right to be irritated. At the referendum I backed Remain, because I thought a major project like Brexit might be too complicated for our system to cope with. Sadly, events have rather underlined that view. Yet the vote was had, people here voted overwhelmingly to leave and it is my democratic duty to deliver on that mandate.

What is happening in Parliament is the opposite. They are trying to cancel Brexit. This is not simply undemocratic. It is nothing less than an attempt to subvert the will of the British people.

I am clear that I will always stand with the people of Dover and Deal – and work tirelessly to get Brexit done and move forward. Our best days are yet to come.