Let's build a global Britain

I have always been clear we must respect the referendum result and leave the EU, deal or no deal.

Sadly, people who never accepted that will not allow us to leave without a deal - and look set to force through a soft Brexit or even a second referendum.

I believe this would cause serious damage to this country's great tradition of democracy. It would also lead to endless argument over Brexit - when people want us to get on with it and focus on other hugely important things, like schools, hospitals, home ownership and law and order.

I will therefore give my support to the Withdrawal Agreement. Because as some of the longest and strongest supporters of Brexit have said, while it is not a good deal, it is better than not leaving at all. And that is the choice we now face.

It still means an end to billions for Brussels bureaucrats. An end to uncontrolled immigration. An end to having to adopt new EU laws on tax, the environment, labour, state aid and business. New controls over farming and fishing.

Over the next two years, after we have left the EU, strong leadership will give us the opportunity to negotiate a positive future relationship and escape the Backstop trap.

That is where I believe our efforts should now be focused. Our goal should be nothing less than a truly global Britain.