It's time to leave the EU and move on

We have discussed Brexit and nothing but Brexit for three years. It is now paralysing the nation.

It’s time to move on and focus on all the other hugely important issues – schools, healthcare, law and order, the economy, and ultimately building a Brexit Britain that works for every corner of our land.

Yet it’s become clear that some politicians are intent on more arguing – more dither and delay. Last week I received a demand from other parties that I should endorse the latest attempts to subvert the will of the British people, by backing a surrender bill that requires yet another pointless extension.

Everyone knows that those other parties are passionate that Britain should remain in the EU, that they wish to cancel the referendum result by all and any means. However, the people of Dover and Deal voted emphatically to leave. And I will always stand firm with the people of Dover and Deal.

What’s more, keeping no deal on the table is hugely important. Firstly, it means European leaders know we are serious about leaving and are prepared to walk away. That increases our chances of securing a good deal.

Secondly, people voted to leave the EU more than three years ago. During the referendum campaign there was full and extended debate. It was made clear that whatever decision the country made would be carried out.

It was also made clear – by many, including the Prime Minister – that if people voted to leave this meant triggering Article 50, and that this in turn gave us two years to agree a deal or we would leave the EU without one. Everyone knew the consequences. Everyone had the chance to vote.

Similarly, MPs have had every chance to have their say over Brexit. They had the chance to vote for a referendum in the first place. They had the chance to vote for a deal. They had the chance to vote for a second referendum. They had the chance to vote no confidence in the Government. In recent days, they even had the chance to vote for a general election.

And it’s clear that we are more prepared to leave now than ever before. Hundreds of extra border force and customs officers have been recruited. Businesses have been told what they need to do. Boris Johnson’s Government is working day and night to make sure we take full advantage of the Transit Convention, meaning there need not be any checks at either Dover or Calais under European law.

Our top civil servant says we are as ready as we can be. There may well be bumps in the road – but this country is more than capable of steering a course around them.

Because the current situation cannot go on. We have spent years arguing about this already – and the truth is Britain will be a massive success after Brexit. Our best days are yet to come.