A brighter future for Dover and Deal

We've come a long way together since 2010. Much has been achieved – yet there is much more to do. As we leave the EU, we need to think about the kind of Britain we want to build.

Here in Dover and Deal much has been delivered. Over £500 million of investment in our area. 7,700 more people in work than back in 2010.

We have a strong economy and wages are rising. We've delivered a new Dover hospital and safeguarded the future of Deal's Hospital. Meanwhile education standards are also up with 27 local schools improving their Ofsted ratings. School budgets are on the increase too, while early years providers and primary schools are in the UK top 10.

Yet that is not all. The town of Deal is on the rise, with the fast train having made an incredible difference. While in Dover, Burlington House no longer scars the skyline – in its place is the bustling St James development. The Port of Dover is now Forever England and seeing investment with the £250m Western Docks Revival.

So far so good. Yet what about the future? Brexit is a great opportunity to reshape our country. We can build a Britain that delivers a better deal for working people. One that will lower taxes, starting with the lowest paid. Big business needs to pay a fairer share of taxes – and without having complex EU laws it will be easier to force them to do so. We also need a better deal for consumers with big energy suppliers, big banks and the like broken up to promote competition.

It's important to build a Britain everyone can be part of. A Britain that doesn't just work for the big cities – but for all parts of the country. That's why we need a renaissance of the regions, which would see more investment in the roads we need, skills, investment zones, free ports and economy boosting measures that will boost every corner of our land.

We also need a Britain that works for our community. More homes are needed in Dover and Deal to help for first time buyers to get on the housing ladder. The A2 needs to be dualled and everyone knows there needs to be better access to Deal. Greater access to health care is needed locally to save people long journeys. Making Dover a free port would power investment forward there too.

And more investment is needed in further education colleges to give our young people the best possible start in life. With the rise in county lines drugs gangs, it's clearly time for more police investment too. Yet we can only deliver all of this with a strong economy.

This is an exciting time for our country. The next few weeks may not be easy – yet I believe that if we hold our nerve, we can move forward to leave the EU and focus on the things that matter to us all.