Stronger Borders

Stronger borders are a key priority for Charlie. The Calais Jungle was dismantled in autumn 2016 after his hard-fought campaign.

Charlie worked closely with French officials to make sure the Calais camp was completely removed. By the time the battle was won, nearly 10,000 people had been lured to Calais, living in squalor. People traffickers roamed free, exploiting migrants and attacking tourists and truckers nearly every night.

Here at the Dover and Deal frontline, we know we cannot risk a return of the Calais Jungle. Charlie is keeping up the pressure on the French to stop any new camps from forming – before the first tent is pitched.

The mess Labour left us in

People in Dover and Deal really care about having safe and secure borders. The last Labour Government completely lost control of our immigration system. Anyone could basically just wander into the UK. Border control was shambolic and net immigration frequently topped 200,000 people a year. Meanwhile, the Government was powerless to stem the tide of illegal migrants and the public rightly lost trust in the system.


Time to end the migrant crisis

Migrants continue to try to break into Britain by crossing the Channel in small boats. Attempts are becoming ever more risky – with a large group of around 50 detained last week having arrived in flimsy canoes.

Calling on ministers to step up security in the Channel

I have called on ministers to step up security in the English Channel following a recent spike in attempts by migrants to cross in small boats. The Home Office responded confirming aerial surveillance is in place to deter people trafficking and 20 migrants have been returned to France.

Investing in our border security

Attempts to break into Britain are becoming ever more brazen. We must remain vigilant here at the Dover frontline – because these dangerous incidents will only stop when traffickers know they will not succeed.