Preparing for Brexit

Our community voted emphatically to leave the EU. Charlie is working to deliver the will of the people. But Labour want Britain to continue to be subject to EU laws and rules – including uncontrolled EU immigration.

Here at the Dover frontline, everyone knows how a successful Brexit is vital to our community. That's why Charlie has worked with ports, hauliers and shippers to set out a clear plan for Britain to be ready on day one for Brexit.

Charlie's five point plan is for:

  1. Resilient Roads to the Channel Ports. The new Thames Crossing taken forward at speed, the M2/A2 upgraded and dualled all the way to the Channel Ports and for lorry parking facilities along the M20.
  2. Britain Open for Business with systems ready on day one to ensure that customs controls are handled seamlessly, with long queues avoided and technology used to speed customs processing.
  3. A New Entente Cordiale to extend the Le Touquet Treaty to cover customs co-operation and build a new era of deeper co-operation with France.
  4. A Brexit Infrastructure Bill. It takes years to build the simplest road. Yet we have less than two years to get ready. A powerful new law to speed through administrative processes would enable vital projects to be delivered on time.
  5. One Government at the border to ensure order. There is a mind boggling array of ministries, quangos and agencies with border responsibilities. There should be a single ministry where the buck stops. This will avoid muddle and confusion that would otherwise undermine our ability to be ready on day one.

Under pressure, the Government has earmarked £3 Billion for Brexit preparations. Yet more is needed and Charlie is fighting for more investment at the Dover frontline.


PM Boris heaps praise on Dover

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has heaped praise on Dover saying he is “very, very impressed” with “the level of preparation” for Brexit in the area.

Let's build a global Britain

I have always been clear we must respect the referendum result and leave the EU, deal or no deal.

Sadly, people who never accepted that will not allow us to leave without a deal - and look set to force through a soft Brexit or even a second referendum.

A brighter future for Dover and Deal

We've come a long way together since 2010. Much has been achieved – yet there is much more to do. As we leave the EU, we need to think about the kind of Britain we want to build.

Working to be ready at the Dover and Deal frontline

We've long been fighting for more funding locally to boost Brexit preparations at the Dover frontline. Ever since the referendum we've worked hard to get the Government to be ready on day one, deal or no deal.

MPs visit Port of Dover ahead of Brexit day

The Port of Dover hosted Brexit-backing Conservative MPs to discuss their plans to keep freight traffic moving smoothly after the UK leaves the European Union. The visit last Friday (March 1st) was organised by myself.

Working hard to make sure we're ready on day one

Dover is on the Brexit frontline. More so than anywhere else in the country. That is why I have a particular responsibility as your Member of Parliament. And why I am doing all I can to cushion the impacts to our local economy and infrastructure.