26 JAN 2011

Written answers - our port and the A2

I have received answers to a number of written questions. You can read the questions and the answers here. The issues covered include matters relating to the Port of Dover, the plan to sell off our nation's key Uranium enrichment company and A2 upgrade plans as well as taffic usage on the A2.


In other words there are no plans to upgrade the A2. Our roads around Deal are terrible and the single carriageway between Dover and Whitfield is a nightmare. Last week I took the train to London and drove to Dover as I cannot get HS1 from Deal. I was unable to park at Dover no spaces whatsover. The transport options around Deal area are third world.
- John

Exactly. And it all takes time to turn around. First you have to find the block. Then unblock it. KCC are now keen to see the upgrade. It's clear the DfT is the problem. So I will get to work with my plunger . . . ! I am working on the fast train from Deal. Will keep all posted on progress.
- Charlie Elphicke

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Charlie Elphicke

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