14 JAN 2015

Terrorist Attacks in Paris

The horrific terrorist attacks in Paris were an assault on freedom of speech and who we are as a society. To assist our own security in Britain, we need to promote intergration, not multi-culturalism. We also need to ensure our broderns are safe and secure from foreign terrorists and criminals.

Charlie: Does the Home Secretary agree that if we are to be serious about our internal security and the safety and security of our borders, including at Dover, we must promote the unity of integration over thedivision of multiculturalism? It is important to ensure that our borders are properly strengthened and that security is maintained, including at Calais.

Home Secretary (Theresa May): My hon. Friend is right, and as I indicated in my statement in immediate response to the attacks in Paris, the Border Force and others at our borders took appropriate steps to increase security and intensify the checks taking place. It is right that we maintain an appropriate level of security at our borders, both in the UK but also at juxtaposed controls elsewhere.

It is also important to recognise that within the United Kingdom there are people of a variety of faiths and of no faith. We must all accept people of different faiths, and recognise that people have different beliefs. If we disagree with them, the way to deal with that is through discussion. It is important to allow people the freedom to worship as they wish and follow the faith they wish to follow.


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