12 JUN 2012

Port of Dover Debate

Today I secured a debate on the Port of Dover. I set out how no-one wants to see the Port sold off to the French or whoever. I also raised the future of the Port and what I hope the Government will do to help the People's Port become a reality. The Transport Minister Mike Penning then responded for the Government.

I summarised the current position highlighting how our community feels let down by the current running of the Port, that the Port has failed to boost the regeneration of Dover in recent times, and that it hasn't been run as successfully as I would want to see.

I outlined the steps taken over the last 2 years to form the People's Port bid to buy the Port for the community. I asked the Government to use its powers to ensure that DHB work better with the community and open up the appointment process for new direction to ensure a wider range of people get the chance to help run the Port.

Finally, and most importantly, I reminded the Government that privatisation does not have to take place. They can use powers in the Public Bodies Act 2011 and allowing the harbour board to be reformed. This would enable the community port to be taken forward. This is what the whole community wants to see.

For the full speech, and Mike Penning's response please see here.


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