21 JAN 2013

Making Work Pay

Fairness is the defining principle that underpins all of the Government's welfare reforms. However, it is very difficult to justify people who are out of work but who could work, continuing to receive large increases in benefit at a time when workers in the public and private sector are receiving minimal increases to their salary and in some cases, are subject to a wage freeze.

I made this point in today's debate on benefits;

It is important that all of us who represent communities with a lot of deprivation, such as my constituency of Dover and Deal, make sure that the Government, or any Government, have policies that make work pay. About 5 million people in this country could work but do not. We need more of an incentive for people to realise their potential and do well in life.

It is also unfair on those people who are not in work, because they have no incentive to go and seek work. We need to provide that incentive, not because we want to attack people who are unemployed but because we want to give them every incentive to get work, realise their potential and take the opportunity to do really well in life and be a great success.

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