11 NOV 2014

Justice Questions - Hate Tweeting and Human Rights Reform

In Justice Questions, I argued Wwe need to take more action to tackle hate tweeters and trolls who abuse and threaten people online.


Charlie: What progress he has made on reforming sentencing for people convicted for making threats on social media.

Mike Penning (Criminal Justice Minister)The Government take seriously the offences on the statute book that cover threatening behaviour online, which includes abhorrent imagery that people do not want to see.

Charlie: We live in a world of constantly changing technology, and it is hard to keep up. In view of that, what steps is the Minister taking to ensure that we take the battle to the hate tweeters, the trolls and the people who make threats and make other people's lives hell?

Mike Penning (Criminal Justice Minister): We would all agree—and the law agrees—that the offence is the same whether face to face in public or on the internet. That is right and proper. The Criminal Justice and Courts Bill, which is being considered by the other place, will amend the Malicious Communications Act 1988 to provide a maximum sentence of two years' imprisonment. That is the sort of thing we are doing, and people should listen and stop this abhorrent activity.

European Human Rights are too often a charter for criminals and undeserving. A future Conservative Government will reform human rights and restore trust in the system.

Charlie: Talking of European matters, does the Minister share my concern that 75% of the British people consider European human rights to be a charter for criminals and the undeserving? Is it not time we reformed it to restore trust in the human rights ideal?

Chris Grayling (Lord Chancellor): I very much share my hon. Friend's view and concerns. In my view, this needs to change. Unfortunately, neither of the other two major parties in this place agrees with us. I thus hope that we will have amajority Conservative Government after the next election to deliver the change that the public want so much.


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