30 JAN 2014

Immigration Bill: Debate

I took part in the House of Commons debate on the Immigration Bill. The Bill will help to fix the mess Labour left our immigration system in. It will make it harder for illegal immigrants and foreign criminals to use the 'right to family life' to avoid deportation, while cutting abuse in the appeals system. The Bill will make it possible to reduce immigration to the UK to the tens of thousands.

In the House, I made the point that the Labour Government had been naive in allowing the European Convention on Human Rights to trump British laws. In responding to the former Labour Home Secretary Jack Straw, I said that the Labour Government knew how far-reaching their changes would be in ensuring British law was made subject to European Court of Human Rights judges in Strasbourg.

This was clearly a disaster. It is a major reason that 75% of people think human rights are a charter for criminals and the undeserving. It had made our immigration system weaker and allowed criminals and illegal migrants to make bogus 'right to family life' claims to avoid deportation. I continue to campaign to change this and introduce a new British Bill of Rights which would allow our own Supreme Court to have the final say.


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Charlie Elphicke

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