22 NOV 2012

Helping Women into Work

Is it not particularly important that we help partnered mothers with children into the workplace, particularly considering that in 1985 less than 30% of women with children under 3 were in the workplace but today it is nearly 60%?

Jo Swinson (Children's Minister)

I agree with my hon. Friend that it is important that we help working mothers who wish to work to play a full role in the labour market. That is also about ensuring that fathers who want to play a full role in parenting can do so. The ability to share parental leave between mums and dads in the way they choose, rather than how the Government dictate, is an important step towards achieving that goal.

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Could there be comment on the forceing lone parent mothers into work and not having the right to remain with their children care for them, intead losing touch with their children, and lessening the bond causing stress and illhealth and less money. Working as a lone parent with a wage with 1 child and then coming home to manage the home and making a meal etc is a task; but for those with 2 or more children being put into childcare with costs that the goverment take on to ensure lone parents with children work instead. I remember our town with children and mothers shopping, this has since gone with mostly mothers working now who have no choice to the goverment. The playgrounds are near empty and so are the shops and cafes in Dover. If you ask any business if there has been a drop in sales since 2008 they will tell you yes. It is one thing helping women into work if the wish and then there is forceing women to work who are lone parents and then telling them they will be better off when they will not and certainly not the children waiting in school for their mother or father (lone) to pick them up and watching their freinds go home who have two parents able to cope with work , the home and the children. Not everyone gets a MP wage and if there are those who are lone parents and a MP I would like to ask how they cope with things. Do they pay to have the garden upkept, pay for the decorating the house to keep it repectable and livable, pay for the taxis to school as they are working and cannot take the children,pay for the main meal to be cooked when they get home from work and the cleaning and washing done for the house and themsleves and the children, pay for someone to sit and do the home work for the children as they are so tired from work and so on and so on. I would like a MP to live the life of a lone parent for one month.
- Sandra Johnson

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