11 FEB 2014

Future of Welfare Reform

I was very glad to propose a debate of the future of welfare reform in Westminster Hall. I know what an important issue this is to people in Dover and Deal who want to see a firm but fair welfare system, which is generous to those in need, but not a lifestyle choice.

In the debate, I highlighted the mess which the last Labour Government left our welfare system in. The welfare bill climbed 60% during their time in office. The Government has been undertaking important reforms to get this bill down and make sure that work always pays over welfare.

My proposals for reform focussed on in work benefits. I want to ensure that these benefits help to safeguard the position of women in the workplace and are generous to those injured at work. The current system is shockingly complex, based on a system of complex reclaims through the tax system.

My solution is simple. A pooled insurance scheme, paid for by employers, to provide for maternity and injury benefits. The Insurance scheme would be based on 'one person, one premium', encouraging more employers to employ women, safe in the knowledge that maternity pay would be provided through the pooled system. It would place the onus on injuries benefits on businesses, rather than the state.

Full video coverage of the 30 minute debate can be found here.


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Charlie Elphicke

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