11 FEB 2015

Francis Report: Hospital Care

There have been management problems at the East Kent Hospitals Trust. We need a culture of openess and transparency to ensure problems don't get covered up and improvements are made quickly.

Charlie: Does the Secretary of State recall that the Care Quality Commission found that in East Kent hospitals senior management and the front line were disconnected, there were problems with bullying and harassment, and people would not say how things could be improved, including in terms of clinical risk? Does that not indicate that this is not just about whistleblowers, but that it is important that management sets a culture of openness, and listens and hears the staff voice?

Jeremy Hunt (Health Secretary): My hon. Friend is absolutely right, and I thank him for his interest in his local hospitals and his campaign for them. In the end, culture comes from the top. When people start a job they look at the values of their direct line manager and they copy them, because they think that is what it takes to get on, and the line manager looks to the chief executive and the chief executive in the end looks up to the Secretary of State, so it is very important. I grant that that may not be the best thing. It is important that right from the top we set the right example about these issues.


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