14 JAN 2015

Energy Prices Speech

Under Labour, gas bills doubled, electricity bills went up by 15% and fuel poverty trebled. Now their price 'freeze' will actually stop prices falling. This Government is rolling back green levies to provide real help to cut energy bills. Labour's plans are just a gimmick that could actually stop prices falling.

Charlie: The longer this debate goes on, the clearer one can see why, under Labour, gas bills doubled, electricity bills went up by 15% and fuel poverty trebled. Labour Members like to talk the game when it comes to lower prices, populism and easy answers, but the reality, as we saw when they were in office, is that their measures are ineffective and often counter-productive.

Let us take their current price freeze idea. If Labour's policy had been implemented when it was announced, energy consumers would have lost out. Today's consumers are better off with the Conservative/coalition policy that has been pursued. It is clear that Labour sources realise this and provide quotes that admit it. A Labour source spoke to The Sun and "Mail Online", so let me acquaint Labour Members with this for the better understanding of their own policy. This Labour source said, and Labour Members should listen carefully:

"The freeze was announced at a time when energy prices were rising inexorably—nobody was talking about prices coming down, or even thinking about it. Obviously, if bills are coming down at the election there may have to be a bit of rebranding to make it clear it will operate as a price cap instead."

What we are seeing, and what this debate is all about, is the screeching of brakes and the squeal of tyres as the Labour bandwagon puts into effect another mad U-turn that is ill thought out and entirely chaotic, as the freeze is rebranded as a cap to take advantage of the reality that petrol, fuel and energy prices are now falling.

The rest of my speech and the full debate can be read this link.


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