26 NOV 2014

Debate on the Economy

This Government has a great strong on the economy. A record number of people are in work. The UK economy has the fastest growth in the G7. Unemployment has fallen sharply. This economic record forms a strong part of the case for a Conservative majority Government in May 2015.

I took part in a debate on economy. The full debate can be read here. I made the following points. 

Charlie: This morning, 30.8 million people went to work—a record in our country's history. That is no mean feat after Labour's crash. With the storm clouds gathering again in the eurozone, why would we ever want to go back to where we were four and a half short years ago?

Charlie: Let me point out not only that a record number of people went to work this morning, but that both long-term unemployment and worklessness rose under the Labour Government. Thanks to this Government's welfare reforms and long-term economic plan, long-term unemployment has fallen by 99,000, and worklessness has fallen dramatically. Does the hon. Gentleman not accept that the Government's long-term economic plan and welfare reforms have worked extremely well?

Charlie: Our welfare reforms have resulted in a jobs revolution that means that it is morning again in Britain. If we look out from Dover across the channel, we see the sun rising over the white cliffs but we also see the storm clouds over Calais and the rest of the eurozone. Does the Minister agree that the biggest risk to our recovery would be a Labour Government and their crazy spending plans?


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