25 JUN 2012

Cracking down on Multinational Tax Avoidance

Multinational companies like Google and Apple make huge profits in the UK yet do not pay their fair share of tax on these profits. I think this is wrong and I pressed the Prime Minister today to take action where he can to cut down on this.

Is it not right that international problems such as tax avoidance should be dealt with internationally at meetings such as the G20 summit, particularly as in the UK tax avoidance by individuals and corporations increased massively during the past decade? Is it not wrong and morally repugnant for anyone to attack, belittle or undermine the Prime Minister in dealing with this, particularly as the Leader of the Opposition did in his remarks earlier?

David Cameron (Prime Minister; Witney, Conservative)

I thank my hon. Friend for what he says and make the simple point that tax evasion is illegal and should be pursued properly. Of course there are things that people do to minimise their tax bill, whether it be investing in a pension or an ISA, but as the Chancellor has said, and I totally agree, there are some aggressive tax avoidance schemes that should be roundly condemned, and that is exactly what the Government are doing.


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