28 FEB 2012

Conservatives care about the NHS

As I said on 23 February there has been too much scare-mongering about the effects the Health and Social Care Bill will have on the NHS.

There is a very simple reason why the Government has introduced this bill – it wants to protect the NHS for future generations.

Today after the Health Secretary gave a statement on the bill I made this point to him;

Can the Secretary of State confirm that the principles underpinning the Bill are that the NHS is and will remain free for all patients; that a person's GP knows them and their needs best; and that although we are spending billions of pounds more than Labour would have done, every pound needs to work as hard as possible if the NHS is to be modern and provide care for the future?

Andrew Lansley

My hon. Friend is right, not least on his point that the coalition Government are investing in the NHS, with real-terms increases each year. That contrasts with the Labour Government in Wales, who in the course of this Parliament intend to reduce spending on the NHS by more than 6% in real terms.

This Government believes in the NHS and its core principles - that treatment should be free when you need it, regardless of your ability to pay but the NHS needs to be modernised if it is to be protected for future generations. This will make sure that more money gets straight to the frontline where it makes a real difference to patients.


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