17 JAN 2013

All Day High Speed Services for Deal

Today in the House I raised our High Speed service to Deal and put on record my wish to see this become a regular all day service. I asked the Transport Secretary how the announcement of the West Coast franchise delay might affect any push for the extended service to Deal;

In my constituency in Deal, we want a hard-won commuting high-speed service to be made an all-day high-speed service. Will he tell us what the impact of the delay might be?

See the Minster's response, and full debate here.

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How about getting Southeastern to actually run services on the Kearsney Station line so they can connect with HS1 at Dover? Not everyone who can afford the season ticket prices would live in Dover Town. They should at least have the formula of Main Town station and 1-2 village stations (depending on distance from Dover). There is one train service per hour - with a stupid 'fast' service to Canterbury East that doesn't even stop at the two closest stations to HS1 link. Not asking for more services just more effective timetabling of current ones and despite writing to Southeastern several times, they just don't care blaming Dept of Transport. More people would use the line if decent connections. For example a lot of return trips in evening from London St Pancras after 20:00 are timed to just miss the one connecting service at xx:05 the hour. On a Saturday the ONE service per hour from Kearsney, is timed to pull into Dover just as the Dover to Folkestone/Ashford/Charing Cross train pulls away. The last train to Dover on the Kearsney Line doesn't even stop at the local villages! The LAST train! Buses are non-existent in evening and Kearsney is three miles uphill! So while you are sorting Deal HS1 out, can you sort the local line out for us annual season ticket holders please? It's just bad timetabling and stupid alleged fast service not providing a stopping service to local stations (chop some of the stations like Bromley South, Sole Street and some of the Medway stations who have other services from other lines instead of cutting local stations).
- River Resident

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