Charlie supports Niftie's Social Supermarket (28 Jul 2016)

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Charlie attends the Handelian Choral Society (28 Jul 2016)

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Charlie calls for a tunnel to be built to end traffic chaos (28 Jul 2016)

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Charlie welcomes autumn line reopening prediction (28 Jul 2016)

Charlie welcomes the news that the railway line between Dover and Folkestone is set to reopen ahead of schedule in the Autumn. 

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Charlie welcomes border controls remaining in Calais (28 Jul 2016)

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Charlie remembers fallen marines (14 Jul 2016)

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Charlie welcomes new lorry park (14 Jul 2016)

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Charlie condemns racist graffiti in Dover (07 Jul 2016)

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Charlie celebrates Buckland Hospital's first birthday (07 Jul 2016)

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Charlie supports RLNI Fundraiser (30 Jun 2016)

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Charlie Elphicke

Freedom of the press is a cornerstone of our democracy. They keep everyone involved in public life on their toes. This is a selection of press cuttings on some hot topics in Dover & Deal. Please have a look - I would really appreciate your comments and feedback.

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