Stronger Borders - Better Healthcare - More Jobs (01 Dec 2014)

Charlie reports back on his strong record of action and achievement for Dover and Deal.

Strengthening Britain's borders, a new Dover Hospital, safeguarding Deal Hospital, stopping the port sell-off, an all-day hourly fast train for Deal, local unemployment near halved.

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A strong record of action, achievement and improvement (18 Feb 2014)

Charlie is leading the way on all the key local issues: A new Dover Hospital - saving Deal Hospital - stopping Labour's port sell off - more jobs and money - an all day fast train service for Deal, Walmer and Martin Mill - new 1,000 job agri-science campus at Betteshanger.

Meanwhile, in a shock development, Dover Labour have shown they don't care about Dover, are not listening to local people and are desperately out of touch.

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Port saved - New Hospital - Jobs Action (11 Feb 2013)

Charlie reports back on key local issues - stopping Labour's port sell off, a fair share of healthcare, more jobs and money. 

There's also an update on some of the things Charlie is fighting for in Parliament, like a British Bill of Rights and stopping the big tax rip off by multi nationals such as Starbucks and Google.

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Championing Dover and Deal (09 Jul 2012)

Plans for Dover's new hospital; the campaign against Labour's port sell off; fighting to scrap the Human Rights Act so we can deport foreign criminals, and much more - there's plenty to read about in Charlie's latest newsletter!

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Better healtchcare, more jobs and money (15 Nov 2010)

Charlie gives an update on a busy first few months as MP for Dover and Deal, including news on his campaigns to stop the sale of the port, get a proper hospital for Dover, and to secure the fast train for Deal.

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Charlie reports back (22 Jan 2010)

Charlie reports back on his campaign to get a proper hospital back in Dover, more local jobs and money, safer streets and more.

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The National Change We Need (22 Nov 2009)

Here are set out the ways the country would be run differently, more effectively and positively under a Conservative Government.

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The Local Change We Need (21 Nov 2009)

Charlie reports on the local Change We Need and how things would be different locally under the Conservatives

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September 2009 "People Talk" magazine (21 Sep 2009)

In this magazine, Charlie sets out his concern to put families first - with a proper local hospital and more jobs and money locally. Charlie also talks about the things he gets up to locally and what he seeks to achieve for our community. Beware - this is a big file, some 3MB, and will take time to download. Not one for a dial up connection!

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July 2009 Newsletter (13 Jul 2009)

In this newsletter Charlie outlines his plans to do more to put families first and provide more things for our young people to do.  The newsletter also provides details on the county council elections and how to contact our new team of Conservative County Councillors.

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Charlie Elphicke

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