06 OCT 2009

Young people condemn massive Government debts

Annabel Shaw, 15, the daughter of former Dover MP David Shaw, gave a great speech at Conservative Party Conference. Annabel demanded an apology from Gordon Brown for saddling her generation with massive debts.

Annabel said: “Gordon Brown, I want an apology for the debt burden you are passing on to my generation. It’s my generation that has to pay the price for Gordon Brown’s mismanagement of the economy." She explained how each child born in Britain was £22,500 in debt from Government borrowing.

It was a really impressive performance. I caught up with Annabel and David to congratulate Annabel on her great speech! She is absolutely right you know. Gordon Brown has bankrupted this country and saddled us with a mountain of debt. It will amount to £50,000 per household by 2013 unless we turn things around. That is why it is so important to get public spending under control and get Britain working again.

Annabel's fine speech goes to show our young people are intelligent and care about the country. I’ve said time and again I am proud of this next generation. They are trying to help this country back on its feet. And I think we will all be really proud to hand over to them when we've had our time.


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