04 APR 2016

Why we must take the battle to the terrorists

Following the Brussels bombings, Europe is on a heightened state of alert. This has had a direct impact on our community. The gridlock on our roads over Easter was not simply down to weight of traffic, weather or the restricted traffic lanes foolishly left in place at Dover. It was mainly down to the French border officers making detailed checks before people and traffic departed for France.

Inevitably people ask if we could see such atrocities here in Britain. My answer is yes. We know that because it did happen. The IRA atrocities at Deal, the Harrods nail bomb and so many others we remember all too well. Likewise the same ISIS style terror as has struck Paris and Brussels attacked London on 7/7.

For us 7/7 marked a turning point. We rightly treated it as a wake up call and acted accordingly. Muslim communities in Britain are better integrated than elsewhere in Europe. The effort put into countering radicalisation by the Home Secretary working closely with our Muslim communities provides less shelter for those who would seek to murder and kill. Countering radicalisation in our schools is also essential to keeping us all safer.

Our intelligence services also upped their game after 7/7. They have become more adept at tracking people and finding information on the Internet. Civil liberties campaigners are against this. Yet their work has prevented many successful terrorist attacks on our streets.

Despite the effort being put into attacking us by ISIS, we have so far been successful. Yet we have to be successful every time. The terrorists only need to succeed once. This is why we can never be complacent or over confident. We all need to be vigilant. Our Police, border officers and security services must have the powers and weapons they need to find terrorists and put a stop to their plans. The Investigatory Powers Bill should be passed into law as soon as possible and Police ought to have the back up arms they may need. We must continue to take the battle to ISIS. I do not often agree with Tony Blair but he's right when he says ISIS is a threat to us all and must be destroyed.

The ultimate lesson of what we are seeing across Europe is that you cannot protect people with political correctness, civil liberties and hand wringing. You protect people by finding and destroying terrorist cells here in Britain. You protect people by finding, degrading and destroying ISIS in their fastnesses and their own territory. Freedom is never free. Our White Cliffs and Dover Hellfire Corner are a constant reminder that there is always a heavy price to pay to maintain our way of life. Yet to keep our people safe and our World at peace this is a price we always have to pay


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