04 MAR 2016

Whole School Meals

Recently I visited Sandown School in Deal to try one of their school lunches, provided by healthy school meal company, Whole School Meals.

Whole School Meals provide £2.30 a head, 2 course school meals in 25 schools in the Dover, Deal and Folkestone area. They also run cookery clubs at some of the schools. They are able to give back profits to schools to help fund new equipment and facilities. Sandown School have invested in a climbing frame and an artificial grass area from the profits they have had returned.

The Whole School Meals network is made up of over 100 in school staff, including mobile staff to cover staff sickness, and facilities for bigger schools to cook for the schools that don't have kitchens.

This is seriously good food. The children ate it all up. It provides a balanced diet. No excessive sugar, mountains of salt or turkey twizzlers here. The children at our schools are getting the very best.

I am so proud of the great work Whole School Meals do and the way they return their profits to the schools meaning even better facilities for our children as well as top food.


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