12 AUG 2008

What do the Conservatives offer locally?

People often say to me "what would you do different from the current lot?" To my mind, very little has been achieved in the last ten years for our community. It’s not good enough. Let’s look at the key issues:

  • A new Dover hospital. Labour have ruined Buckland. The Conservatives have helped to gather signatures for the hospital petition. We have been fighting alongside local health campaigners for a new proper hospital with beds and 24/7 GP-led emergency services.
  • Crime and anti-social behaviour are worrying problems for our area. Violent crime has doubled in the UK in ten years. Nearly 2,000 people are victims for violent crime locally every year. We need more police on the beat preventing crime, with zero-tolerance and more facilities for our young people.
  • Rising living costs are hitting family budgets, with prices rising for food and the cost of motoring. Gordon Brown has been increasing taxes on the lowest paid, fuel duty has gone through the roof - and now they are raising the price of car tax discs too. Local wages have fallen over £1,000 in the last five years, meaning an even bigger squeeze here. People who work hard to earn their keep should be rewarded, not punished.
  • Post Office Closures have hit local people hard, particularly the elderly and those without transport. Gordon Brown’s closure of six local Post Offices leaves large areas without proper Post Office cover. More Post Offices are expected to be axed by Gordon Brown in due course.

Local Transport has seen terrible underinvestment. The A2 upgrade was axed by John Prescott. Gordon Brown has done nothing about making the A258 safer. We need to get lorries out of Dover and regeneration in. I would like to hear about your ideas to further improve our community. It's time we got our fair share. Why shouldn't we enjoy the same level of success seen elsewhere in Kent?


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