23 FEB 2009

Wallett's Court - a great place to stay and eat

Another successful smaller business is Wallett's Court, a fine hotel with a spa, a fantastic restaurant and superb rooms. They also own another hotel in st Margaret's village - White Cliffs, which is doing really well. In total they employ 50 people - and local people at that.

There I met with Gavin Oakley and saw first hand what a great operation they have. I didn't need to sample the food, as I have already visited their restaurant and the food is out of this World! They've been doing really well lately and beating the recession as they've had coverage in the Daily Mail and the Sunday Times about how great they are. And richly deserved too - this is an incredibly well run hotel.

St Margaret's has really got itself organised as a village when it comes to tourism. A web site www.firstlightcoast.com has been set up advertising what the village has to offer. The village is also pioneering sustainable development and zero carbon home ideas.


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