09 APR 2010

Vote Charlie Elphicke, Conservative, on 6th May 2010

Five clear reasons to vote for Charlie Elphicke, Conservative, on 6th May 2010:

  • A proper hospital for Dover (with care beds and doctor led emergency services) and more services at Deal Hospital fought for by Charlie Elphicke or a polyclinic in the car park of Buckland Hospital with Labour
  • More jobs and money with the Conservatives helping get a community labour exchange going in Deal and real regeneration for Dover or Labour who closed Deal JobCentre and only ever offer "coming soon" regeneration plans;
  • Safeguarding the Port of Dover fought for by Charlie Elphicke or Gordon Brown's plan to sell it off, possibly to the French, if Labour are re-elected;
  • Safer streets and secure borders with the Conservative plans for zero tolerance beat based policing and a Border Police force, or Labour's plan to sack up to 30% of our Border Officers and weakness on anti social behaviour;
  • Honest expenses pledged by Charlie Elphicke who doesn't believe in claiming expenses for personal benefit or the Labour MP who claimed for things like: two homes in London, £200 food a month, flashy TVs, expensive Sky TV packages, light fittings, payments to relatives, blinds, pot plants, toasters, washing machines, flooring, knives, forks and a fan.

Vote Charlie Elphicke, Conservative on 6th May 2010 for Action not Words


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