17 APR 2011

Travel costs are a real burden

I really welcome the KM media group's campaign on the cost of travel. It really is quite shocking and I know how strongly people feel about the cost of fuel.

I share the frustration we all feel about the cost of travel. It really annoys me that we can't rework the train franchise for two years thanks to a daft agreement struck in 2005. The price of fuel is a disgrace, after a decade of fuel duty rises. While high oil world prices make it hard, I was pleased to see the Chancellor hold back fuel duty and move to a fair fuel stabiliser in the Budget.

Last month I spoke in the House of Commons about the need to cut the cost of fuel and help hauliers. What's happened to our haulage industry is shocking. I want to see a level playing field against foreign truckers. A Britdisc in place of lorry fuel taxes and lorry tax discs is the way I want to see things go.


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