02 MAY 2009

Tracy and Pat fight to clean up Deal

Today, I went and joined Tracy Wilton and Pat Cook in Deal town centre.  Tracy and Pat have just resigned from the local Labour Party and from Deal Town Council.  They have joined the Conservative campaign to clean up Deal and mean to stand for us in Mill Hill. As you can see, we had a lot of fun messing around with balloons and chatting to people.

It is a serious concern to us all that the local Labour Party seems to sinking in an ocean of sleaze.  The way they've run the town council is a complete disgrace.  We cannot tolerate a culture like that exposed in the damning audit report.  Public money must be spent properly - it is, after all, our money.  So you'd expect the Labour Party to say sorry.  You'd expect them to expel the councillors who are named in the report.  You'd expect them to clean up their house.  But no.  Instead they've spent the last week continuing to attempt a cover up and trying to bully and intimidate Tracy and Pat.  Their behaviour has been wicked and despicable. Much as reported in the damning audit report, sadly.

The problem is that they've been in power so long they just don't know what they are for any more.  They seem not to know the difference of right and wrong. The only thing they seem clear on is how to claim lots of expenses - you know, bath plugs, dodgy movies, jobs for the boys, suspect consultancies, property empires funded by the public ticket etc etc.  And when people find out and complain, they try and bully or smear them.  They just don't seem fit for public office at any level any more.

I'm really proud that there are good people there who want the best for Deal, rather than themselves.  People like Tracy and Pat.  People who are honest. I know there are others, and I invite them to get in touch and join our campaign.  Together, we can not only clean up Deal, we can get a proper hospital locally, justice for the Gurkhas, save the port from Labour's privatisation plans and save the country from bankruptcy.  It's a long list.  There's lots to do. They've made a very big mess. I hope more people will come and help us move things forward for the good of Dover & Deal and the country as a whole.


chas i thought you would have learned your lesson about embracing defectors. remember ken tranter? usually that type are just headline grabbing egotists.
- howard mcsweeney

Hello Howard, I take offence at headline grabbing egotists. I love Deal and my Mother's family can be traced back to the time of the charter. Quite frankly I had had enough of the Labour group on Deal Town Council with the way they treated the staff, and the way they abused their position of trust Hello Howard, I am a true Deal person and can trace my Mother's family back to the charter. I was quite frankly fed up of the way the Labour group were abusing their position of trust, ill-treating the staff, and wasting public money all against the Councillor's code of conduct. I and my Mother have defected to the Conservatives because they are the only party that care about Deal. I take offence at headline grabbing egotist, I care about my town. Regards TRACY
- Tracy Wilton

- tracy

- tracy

i understand your feelings, but why did you defect instead of just standing down? the parties are diametrically opposed.
- tracy

I had had enough of L
- tracy

i had had enough of Labour spin, and the goings on at Deal Town Council. I felt that nobody listened and that they were more concerned with following the party line, and CHASING the Mayoral and Deputy Mayoral chain of office than apologising to the people of Deal. Not one Labour Councillor has apologised to the people of Deal for the expense to the Coucnil tax payers of Deal caused by all the nonesense at DTC. Some Labour Councillor's, not all, have breached the Councillor's code of conduct, and have not promoted the interests of Deal e.g using an outside firm to do the flower boxes in the High Street when there are plenty of excellent horticulturalists in Deal. Why didn't they agree to the Conservatives proposal of forgoing their allowances for one year ? Which would have gone part of the way to apologising for putting a financial burden on local people (all Labour Councillors voted against this proposal).
- tracy wilton

you are talking about labour as if you were never elected on their ticket. we have the same problem in dover town.
- howard mcsweeney

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