20 NOV 2015

Time to take on the terrorists

We all sat in shock as we watched the terrible news from Paris unfold on our TV screens last Friday. It became increasingly clear that this not just a monstrous attack on our civilisation. It was carefully planned with at least three separate teams of terrorists striking at the same time.

These indiscriminate murderous attacks took place when people were enjoying a normal Friday night out. Watching football, attending a concert and going for a meal out. These are the targets of ISIL - innocent civilians out enjoying leisure time.

Dover is our closest town to France. We see Calais across the waves from the white cliffs. The French are our neighbours, friends and trading partners. Today, as never before, we stand shoulder to shoulder with France and everyone who lost loved ones in this horrific atrocity.

Talk has quickly turned to how we should respond and the threat here in Britain. We need to work ever more closely with France to ensure that our borders are kept safe and secure.

French anti terrorist police raided a hotel at Calais after the attacks in Paris. This is not some far away event. It is close by. Security has been tightened at all of our borders, including at the Port of Dover. We too must do our bit - to be vigilant and to support our border officers in all they do to protect us and to keep us safe.

These attacks have also turned the spotlight on EU open borders. Events have shown how important it is that Britain's border controls stay in Calais so terrorists and criminals can't just wander into Britain.

There are calls for the UK to join France in air strikes against ISIL. We have to defeat ISIL and the terrorists. I believe it would be right for us to take whatever action is necessary to achieve this. Our safety and security depends on degrading and destroying ISIL.

New funding will be provided for an additional 1,900 officers at MI5, MI6 and GCHQ. We are making air travel more secure too.

We must remember that it is not all Muslims who seek to attack us. It is a small group who use Islam to justify their evil aims. We must stand united against them and seek to unite all the communities of our nation against those who preach hate and seek to murder.

Our intelligence services are working day and night to make sure that we are kept safe and secure. Protecting the British people is our top priority. We must be resolute and determined in the face of those who seek to kill us and destroy the values we hold dear. Yet most of all we now need to act to confront ISIL - and to defeat them and their evil terrorist state.


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