15 MAR 2009

The situation at Calais

I went to Calais to see how serious the current situation is. I found kids as young as 8 years old who try, every night, to jump on the back of lorries and break into Britain. Living conditions are terrible. We wouldn’t allow animals to live that way. And we certainly wouldn’t allow kids to live like that. They live in a wood called “the Jungle”. They have shacks made of cardboard and covered by blankets. Speaking to them, I learned how the French Police come daily to spray tear gas and smash up the shanty town in an effort to get them to leave. I spoke to Dominic Fitch, an aid worker, who told me that they see Britain as “El Dorado”, the legendary city of gold. There are now nearly 1,000 people there and more arrive daily. The situation is desperate and now threatens to spiral out of control. To me this desperate situation is the result of years of soft touch border control. Here lay before me the grim reality of Labour’s years of failure. Kids really believing they’d get a better life. I explained that the Government’s economic incompetence has bankrupted the country, that we have no money and people are losing their jobs. They looked stunned.


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