14 JUL 2016

The Prime Minister, Theresa May, has a bold vision of a Britain that works for everyone

The amazing thing about our democracy is how robust it is. It is just three weeks since the EU Referendum. Since then we have seen markets going into free fall threatening an economic crisis. That swiftly followed by a political crisis as the Prime Minister resigned. Next the Labour leader was effectively rejected by his party's MPs. Then at the height of the storm, a ray of sunlight shines through the clouds with a new Prime Minister to restore order.

Not just to restore order. Our new Prime Minister Theresa May has clear plan to implement the referendum and take us out of the EU. She has a powerful vision for a Britain that works for everyone. Most refreshing of all is that we will be able properly to control immigration and our borders. In the past decade or more there has been too much change, too fast. Too many people came to this country too quickly. There has been anger at how this has pushed wages down. People feel strongly that the balance was all wrong. We need to see more done to help people get off benefits and into work. To ensure there is greater access to skills so everyone can have the chance to aspire, work hard and get on in a level playing field. Not a playing field where big business can do what they like. A playing field where business is expected to invest in their staff and develop people's careers. I hope that we will now see more action to stop welfare tourism, health tourism and fairer housing lists in the years to come. I know how deeply it is felt that people who have contributed and paid into the system should be prioritised by our public services.

Theresa May has set out a bold vision of a country that works for everyone. For too long there has been too much emphasis on big business. Too much emphasis on the values of the metropolitan elite. And too much emphasis on the vortex that is London. The city that sucks everything in and from which little seems to emerge to benefit the rest of us. We now have an opportunity to build a Britain where towns like Dover and Deal can be more in focus. Our towns and villages reinvigorated and an emphasis on small business is a huge opportunity. Let's not forget that small businesses have been the job creation engines of Britain as big businesses have moved jobs abroad over the past decade.

We can have real change and a rebalancing of our nation. As we start to write the next chapter in our island story, building a country that works for everyone must be our key priority. It is an incredible opportunity for our area to be stronger and dynamic in the years to come.


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