23 JUL 2010

The Olympic Torch should enter the UK at Dover

The obvious place for the olymic torch to arrive for the Olympic games is Dover. It arrived here in 1948 (the photo is of the 1948 torch relay) and should arrive here in 2012. Why? Because Dover is the gateway to England. And because the White Cliffs stand as a symbol for so many of the olympic ideals. The campaign is reported in the Dover Express this week.

The arrival of the torch would be done in proper style. The plan includes a celebration of water sports across the Channel, followed by a reception of the torch at the foot of the White Cliffs. A celebration of land sports will take place up to the historic Dover Castle where the 2,000 year old Roman Pharos will be lit for the first time in a Millennium - a ceremony that will see beacons lit across the nation, as was done last in the Millennium celebrations. The torch relay would then set off in earnest across Britain.


Pass the Passion is the schools' contribution to Dover's campaign. They have been working hard to make our case. They have even designed this logo which is truly charming!




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Please may something be done too refurbish the Town Hall and its organ in order to celebrate this occasion. The Seary Charitable Trust, of which I am Chairman, might be able to help with the organ, if the Dover Disstrict Council is prepared to spend some money too. But after 20-10-10 there may not be any ! Vivamus in spe ! ( We live in hope)

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