17 MAY 2016

The Great British Food Campaign

We are incredibly lucky in Dover and Deal to be home of some fantastic local food producers, such as Solley's Farm who provide delicious ice cream across the county, and Tilmanstone Salads, who pack all of the fresh salads for Marks and Spencer food halls up and down the country. Both companies also provide essential local jobs for local people.

These are just two of the producers we get to enjoy locally, not to mention all of the great farms, restaurants and pubs serving our area.

The Great British Food Campaign is a five year campaign, lead by Environment Secretary Elizabeth Truss. It is designed to give a boost to british chefs, entrepreneurs and producers working with local, British ingredients both at home and abroad.

Total British food and drink exports reached £19 billion in 2014. This helps support over 65,000 jobs in food and drink manufacturing.

It is important for our economic future that we do all we can to support our local farms, producers and food businesses and really embrace our rich local food heritage.


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