05 OCT 2009

The Channel 4

Channel 4 invited me to take part in their "Twitter Fringe" or "Twinge" at the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. On the platform were variously Dan Hannan MEP, Tim Montgomerie of Conservative Home and blogger Iain Dale. We were joined, somewhat unexpectedly, by blogger "Guido" and the whole thing was chaired by C4 News presenter Krishnan Guru-Murthy.

It was a lively discussion! Guido thought that Twitter is only good for driving traffic. I agree and use it myself mainly to update this website front page and my Facebook status where people can join in a discussion on whatever I'm on about. We also discussed the change the internet era will make to Government. I think it will be really far reaching . . . but not quite yet. In time it will be pretty much everything.

And it will transform Government - imagine the change when pretty much everything is online and published. Government open and accountable. I can't wait. Sure there will be scandals and things will come to light that will make us angry, but your money will likely be spent with a lot more care and public servants will know they are accountable. Power to the people!


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