17 NOV 2014

The 'Big Mow' at Freemen's Way

I organised the 'Big Mow' community action day on Sunday to cut the grass on Freemen's Way, Deal.

I met with Dover District Council representatives at the field in September to agree plans to cut the grass in the central square and improve the field for residents. Residents on Freemen's Way told me how angry they were that the grass was so overgrown. It was unacceptable that the residents of Freemen's Way could not use their green.

Sadly no progress was made, so I organised 'the Big Mow. The 'Big Mow' team took to the brambles with brush cutters and brought up a tractor mower to cut the grass. It was a fantastic day of community action and shows what we can do when we work together. Action, not words, is what matters.

This is just the first step. Now we need action on the children's play area and a long-term plan for improvement to the field. I hope the councillors will be more pro-active and help me to fix the play area. I want all residents to feel proud of where they live.

My thanks to all those who took part - particularly Cllr Wayne Elliott, Adrian Friend, Tracy Carr and especially to Julian Pitts of Veg UK Ltd for bringing a tractor mower to help.


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