05 JAN 2012

TenMinuteRule Bill

I have been working to presenting a Ten Minute Rule Bill seeking to bring into the spotlight  that one million of the three million children who live apart from a parent have no contact with the non-resident parent three years after separation.

Too often, people say it is about mums' rights or dads' rights, but actually it is about the rights of a child to know and have a relationship with both their parents. That is the nub of what the Bill is about. It is not right that parents should sink their children's right to know them in a sea of acrimony when they split up.

Now is the time to change the law and give our kids the best chances in life. The Government is looking at whether to give children the right to know their fathers. Child welfare is best served by a relationship with both parents.

Anti-dad sociologists and weak-kneed judges have undermined the welfare of our children for too long.



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yes. There needs to be a proper balance. National statistics reveal that 93% of children from separated families will reside with their mothers, their fathers being downgraded and denigrated to someone who simply has "contact". I don't want to live in a society that shows so little respect for a good father's relationship with his children. Please help. Kind regards, Dad.
- andy

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