18 NOV 2016

Tax Credits Problems

There have been some big issues with HMRC and the payment of tax credits in recent weeks which has been affecting people across Dover and Deal who have been left out of pocket by the blunders of private firm Concentrix.

Gavin Smith and Amy Jones, from Deal, were left with barely enough money to put food on the table for their five children when their payments were wrongly stopped.

They had wanted to add another child to their existing tax credits claim. But instead HMRC closed their claim down and told them it would take "three to four weeks" to process a new one.

Gavin and Amy came to me for help, and we managed to get their claim sorted over the phone, backdating it to include money missing from previous weeks.

I'm delighted for Gavin and Amy, who really were in a desperate situation. I want people in Dover and Deal to know that if they need my help, I will do everything in my power to fight their corner.

I'm very concerned by what's been going on with tax credits, particularly with Concentrix. I will be raising my concerns on the Public Accounts Committee.


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