13 APR 2016

Tax Changes To Help Businesses

It is great news for businesses in Dover and Deal that the tax system has been reformed to encourage growth, and make it easier for them to create local jobs for local people. Government reforms will help businesses to invest more of their money into growth, and make it easier for them to take on more staff.

Businesses will now find it easier to take on new apprentices, as employer National Insurance contributions for apprentices under the age of 25 have been abolished. This will save businesses employment an apprentice on the National Minimum Wage over £500 a year.

Businesses will also benefit from a rise in the employment allowance, which has risen from £2,000 to £3,000. This means that a business can employ up to four people full time on the National Living Wage without paying any employer National Insurance contributions.

The Conservative Government is committed to supporting local businesses. Local businesses are at the heart of our local economy, creating more jobs, and providing apprenticeships to train people with the skills they need to feel the benefit and security of a regular pay packet.

Labour say they want to increase business taxation and I am concerned they will once again seek to increase the Jobs Tax.


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